Daily Things that Mean You are Psychic

Everyone has some type of sixth sense. This is some feeling that we may not really be able to explain, but it tells you there is danger lurking. The feeling can intensify when someone or something that should not be trusted is around. Whether this is a brand new feeling or just a growing sense of knowing that seems to suddenly appear, it still happens. People are often directed to trust their gut or rely on their intuition and do not think twice, but if someone said “Trust in your psychic ability”, they would be concerned. It is the same thing though. Personal intuition is a big factor when it comes to abilities of the psychic nature. To help clarify, there are five things that you likely o daily that points to your psychic abilities. If you can recognize such things, then concentrate efforts to harness that power can be used.

However, figuring out your psychic ability, and understanding it, is not always black and white as there are numerous variables and a process of learning. The logical side of us may be hesitant, but understanding the signs can help you learn to be more accepting.

Thinking of Someone Before Contact

One form of precognition that is common is knowing someone will call or text just before they actually do. Precognition is the ability to perceive or see events just before they happen using clairvoyance or extra sensory perception. Some have this so strongly that a thought about someone that is ha then relatively ignore as you go about your day, often results in a text or call.

Viewing the Clock at the Same Time

The spirits are believed to communicate through living signs or things we see in our daily lives. One of these signs that is common are repeating numbers, especially 1111 or 111. Numerology has meanings for any repeating number, so if you find yourself catching the same time each day, like 1:11 or 2:22 or even 12:34, look up the meaning. These can be a sign of channeling or connecting with spirit guide that have passed on. To build this skill, when you see something that could be a sign, ask the spirit what it could mean or even who they are.

Bad Vibes

The ability to feel someone’s energy is a sign of being clairsentience. This is one of the most common psychic gifts, yet many do not realize they use it all the time. This is considered the most “normal” gift overall, even by those who o not believe in such things. Clairsentients often say things like “I have a feeling” when referring to someone or something specific. This can be a good or bad feeling. This can sometimes be a physical feeling, like cold chills, but most feel it in their gut. This can even go further as you enter a space and feel a certain energy, like heavy and sad or light and happy, only to find out something specific has happened in the area.

Random Images in Your Head

One of the easiest psychic skills to practice is psychometry, sometimes called token object reading. Though this ability may only come through occasionally, if you pay attention to it, it will grow. This is most effective when you are relaxed, but it is the ability to touch an object someone else has and know about the person who has touched it. This can also be part of clairvoyance as you feel a spirit attached to a given object.

Dreaming of Others

Telepathy is the ability to transmit or even hear/receive messages in the mind. This is often seen when we dream about someone who is not a normal part of our daily lives, only to find out they have reached out to us. Telepathy typically starts in dreams because it is when we are most relaxed and more open to receiving messages. Still, the more you open yourself up to the ability, the stronger it grows. You may fin that those you are closest to in life, friends and family, are the ones you can feel things about like when they are in trouble.

All the psychic gifts can be harnessed then strengthened, just as learning any new skill. People are often fearful or skeptical because of what is seen in movies, but practice can help these skills develop over time with practice. Everyone has these skills, some have just developed them more than others.


Sarah Carson

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