What it Means to be a Rainbow, Crystal or Indigo Child

You may have heard the terms Rainbow, Crystal or Indigo Children recently and wondered if they were the same or in which ways they differed.  Although similar, these labels refer to three distinct groups of Star Children born at different times with different traits and an array of soul purposes.

Who Are Star Children?

Star children are distinct energetic beings that were sent to Earth to impart valuable lessons of grace, wisdom, acceptance and integrity to increase the collective wellbeing of humanity.  They manifest as wise and creative souls that have a unique perspective towards life.  At their very essence they know all life is sacred and should be honored.  They see cultivating compassion as a main way to solve Earthly problems.  Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow children are the most common types of Star Children and were sent to Earth in different time frames for specific goals to increase humanity’s consciousness.

Meet the Indigo Children

Most commonly born in the late 60s to early 80s, Indigo children often possessed a rebellious nature.  The first of the Star Children, this cohort blazed the trail of improving collective consciousness and wellbeing.  Their purpose was to “shake up” a thought system that was no longer beneficial for humanity with their bold and creative nature.

Because of the weighty nature of this task, Indigos often face immense obstacles in their youth and adult years.  These “warrior spirits” faced intense opposition from their elders for daring to overhaul a system that seemingly “worked.”  However, the Indigos know that only by challenging limiting belief systems like patriarchy, capitalism and the war complex could true healing and empowerment begin to take place on Earth.  The are driven and tenacious, to a point they can be seen as aggressive and stubborn by older individuals.  This typically results in them lacking patience and having issues with authority.  Unfortunately, there is a lot of strife that can be central to an Indigo child’s life often being born into a dysfunctional family or having traumatic childhoods causing them both neurological or psychological issues and a need to adopt a warrior mindset to focus their pain into healing action for society’s betterment.

The Connectors: Crystal Children

Crystal Children as the offspring or mentees of the Indigos.  Again, like the Indigo Children the dates of their arrival vary, but typically span the 80s to 2000s.  They served to smooth over the harshness of the novel thinking brought about by the Indigo Children with harmony and understanding.  The Crystal Children were able to make the path to higher consciousness safer and more accessible after the trailblazing efforts of the Indigos.  They have a strong connection to nature (especially water), enjoy being affectionate and so accepting of fluidity in life that the embrace the shades of gray in life.  They are natural born healers and teachers sent to facilitate lessons of compassion, tolerance, patience and grace.  Physically they have large and sparkling eyes that seem to peer into the very essence of anyone they meet.

Crystals possess an abundance of spiritual and psychic talents that can be misunderstood by society, frequently leading them to be diagnosed under the autism umbrella.  Like Indigo Children, Crystal Children are extremely sensitive to internal and external stimuli.  Crystal Children can become easily overwhelmed by strong sounds, lights and noise to the point they become physically impaired.  Because their energy is at such a high frequency, they can have a delay onset of speech until the ages of three or four, and often be perceived as “late bloomers.”  These individuals can be so intuitive that it is difficult for other people to understand their communication or thinking patterns unless they can achieve full alignment with the Crystal Child.  Crystal Children enjoy solitude back establish lasting relationships.  Where Indigos are the rebel warriors, the Crystals are the loving nurturers. They prioritize substance over the superficial and are innate advocates for the more vulnerable in society.

The Next Generation: Rainbow Children

The current generation of Star Children are the Rainbows whose arrival on Earth span from the 2000s to today.  The world they inherit is vastly different from that of the Indigos.  The Rainbows mentality could not handle the harsh transitory environment of those trailblazers of heighten consciousness.  Even the Crystal realm would feel too rigid for Rainbow Children who are meant to rebalance humanity and the physical planet Earth.  The Rainbow Children are the ultimate mirror of previous generations’ actions, revealing the ultimate truths.  This new generation is taking fluidity to the next level, refusing to be contained and effectively eliminating labels.  Where Indigo and Crystal Children are perceived as old souls, Rainbow Children are brand new entities.  Despite never being previously incarnated these souls are seeming to arrive to this planet as fully spiritually evolved.

Just as the Crystals were the offspring or mentees of the Indigo Children, so too are the Rainbows the offspring or mentees of the Crystal Children.  However, much of society, even the Indigos and a few Crystals, have difficulty processing the mindset of the Rainbow children.  This is leading to much resistance to the visions and actions that this cohort is ushering into society.  You can notice a Rainbow Child by the loving and generous nature, but be prepared for a steel-like resolve.  They will often appear to be in their own world and capable of withstanding hardship despite their gentle disposition.  They posses a lot of physical and spiritual energy with a talent for telepathy.  They shun labels and keep a firm grasp on their goals despite any words of doubt or resistance from older generations.

Understanding the Differences

The Indigo laid the groundwork, the Crystals secured the path forward and now the Rainbows are flinging the gates open for a new human and universal consciousness.  The Rainbows Children are not the soft entitled generations that older individuals perceive them to be.  Instead they are a new type of rebel that is set on an extremely fluid and label-less society.  By being free of the shackles of “should” or “ought to” be, Rainbow children have limitless potential to heal our Universal communities and create a new value system.

Indigos may have experience shamed for their new ways of thinking and Crystals might have faced hardships for their extreme sensitivities and bridge-like mentalities.  But without the hard work of these previous generations of Star Children, the Rainbows Children would not be equipped to handle this next-level quest of rebalancing both humanity and the physical planet.  The Rainbow Children have learned from the obstacles of Indigo and Crystal Children to become more resistant to negative energy or being overburden by excessive stimuli.  They welcome the opportunity to prove their evolved thinking to older generations and wear the label of “weirdness” as a badge of honor.  The Rainbow Children want to continue the work of Indigo and Crystal children to ensure that humanity and the planet Earth is as hospitable and enlightened as possible.


Sarah Carson

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