Spirit Guides

People on the earth have more than 30 spirit guides. You will have a guide that has been with you since you were born and others that have come along to help you through problems and other things.

You will have spirit guides around you that have faced things that you have faced and problems that you have went through.

Spirit Guides

A spirit guide is a person that comes to you after their soul has been reincarnated and they have been perfected in life and they will no longer be in the form of a body again. These spirits were once normal human beings just like you and I were.

They have all learned to live as humans and so they make good spirit guides to help you while you are on the earth. They want to help you find a way to enlighten yourself and to perfect your soul so that you can become a spirit guide sometime in your future. They will always be around to help you choose the right path and to make good decisions, each and every day.

People have always been interested in the spirit guides and have always been curious as to what the signs are that their spirit guides are around.

Signs of Spirit Guides

You most likely won’t be able to see your spirit guide even if they are with you day in and day out. Not everyone can see them but sometimes they can feel them, or they can sense that they are around. You need to open up your sensitivities to these feelings and signs so that you can know they are with you.

Name of Your Spirit Guide

You can hear the name of your spirit guide in your spirit and you can learn their name so that you can learn to meditate better with them.

When you speak to them and meditate each day, you will let them know that you want to know them better and that you want to build a good relationship with them.

Once you know their name, you will see that it appears all over the place and it will be seen in places that surprise you.

For example, if your spirit is named Harry, you will see Harry on billboards, on television and you will hear people talk or say that name. This is a sign that He is close to you.

Ear Ringing

People that have a lot of ringing in their ear will know that they have a spirit guide close to them. The ringing will happen when something is going on in your life and you have to decide.

You might experience joy and happiness when you know that your spirit guide is trying to get your attention.

When you hear the ringing, you will get information from your spirit guide and you need to take time to talk to them.

You will not always understand the messages that they give you but know that when you are making a decision that they are there to help you.

Flashes of Light

When you are talking to your spirit guide, you might see a flash in the corner of your eye, and you will know that your spirit guide is close to you.

You might see the light when you are having strong emotions and it is your spirit guide showing you, they are there.

Seeing 3’s

Pay attention to seeing things in sets of 3. This symbolizes the trinity and can be numbers on a digital device or even 3 animals together. You might see the time as 2:22 and this is your guide trying to talk to you.

Feel Someone There

When you are alone and you feel that someone is there with you, it can be your angel or someone that you loved that has passed away, they might be trying to contact you.

Vivid Dreams

During meditation is the time that you will often have things come to you. Your mind is relaxed, and you are more open to your guides. This is a time that they might come to you.

They will also come to you and show you dreams and visions when they need to get a message to you.


When you feel that you need to write something down, you might be getting messages from you spirit guides. Make sure that you write them down and then think about them.

Your Name

When you are in a room and you hear someone say your name, chances are it is your spirit guide trying to contact you.

Take time to listen and see what you were doing when they talked to you.

Highlight a Book or Magazine

Sometimes you will read a book or see an article, and something will make you want to highlight something in it. Words are very strong, and this can be something that your spirit guide is trying to get across to you and make you think about.


There are times when a certain smell will come to you and it will make you think of something from your past or make you think of something that you have done or a decision that you have made.

Your spirit guide is likely showing you that they are there.

Temperature Change

When the temperature gets hot or cold suddenly, chances are your spirit guide has come into the room where you are at and they want you to know that they are there.

They are full of energy and the energy of the room will change when they go in it.


If your head or your spine tickles or tingles, chances are your spirit guide is trying to awaken your chakras and to get your attention.

This can be similar to your ears ringing.

Pressure of Third Eye

This can be similar to the ear ringing and the tingling and the third eye is located in your forehead. If you have a sensation in the middle of your forehead you will know that your spirit guide is trying to contact, you.


When you have sudden thoughts or emotions that make you feel overwhelmed, your spirit guides are trying to show you what they are feeling.


Experiencing coincidences is a way that your spirit guide can talk to you. You might get pizza the way a loved one used to make it, or you might find money when you thought you were out of money.

This is how your spirit guide helps you to feel safe.


Spirit guides have energy and so they can work through electronics such as your laptop or your television. If it is turning on or the lights are going off and on, your spirit guide is trying to communicate with you.


Pets can be open to the spirit guides and they are sensitive to these beings. If you see your pet acting strangely, they are probably communicating with your spirit guide.

Meeting the Same Person

This is one way you can tell if you are experiencing your spirit guide is if you see the same person over and over again.

You might have similar sensations such as tingling when they are by you or you might have a combination of these signs happen to you.

Always learn to be sensitive to the changes that your spirit guide is showing you so that you can communicate with them and get to know them.


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