Synchronicities and Our Purpose in Life

Synchronicities and Our Purpose in LifeDo you ever stop to consider the synchronicities in your life, and how and why they unfold? Do you question why you exist, and wonder what your life’s purpose is?

I think everyone has asked themselves these questions, especially during challenging times. I know I do. The answer is that our lives were planned at the spiritual level prior to our incarnation. Our life plan is an arrangement to evolve our soul and spirit, and to gain wisdom through life lessons acquired here in the school that is the earth.

More simply put, there is a plan to your life, and your soul knows it.

Spiritual beings plan and arrange important encounters long before physical beings become become aware of them. Even before a person is physically born, their soul’s plan is in motion. Our plan may be for our life to end at a young age, so other people have the opportunity to learn from the particular challenges of our early death. Or others may take on that role, so we can learn.

Everyone is everyone else’s teacher. The same is so of our entire life journey. Our synchronicities and our free will are based in this soul plan and on our life journey. Free will certainly allows us choices, but we will ultimately fulfill our soul plan no matter what choices we make.

Synchronicities and Our Purpose in LifeNothing will go away until we learn what we were meant to know from it. The universe will subtly place us in situations until we learn the lessons that we’re meant to learn. The key is to accept this fact and to find the positive aspects in every moment in life. It’s only in this mindset that the intended lessons will be unveiled to us. Sometimes that simple act of acceptance is actually the lesson we’re supposed to learn. Such is the ebb and flow of life itself. Like a single strand woven into a blanket, every single one of us is part of the whole. Every single strand has a purpose in that blanket. We take our purpose and our lessons in life with us back to the spiritual world.

As spirits experiencing physical lives, we have ego, free will, emotions, and the yin and yang of life. All of those are encompassed by our soul plan. That’s become quite clear to me by now, but it wasn’t earlier in my life, when I failed to see what my purpose is. I was born to be a psychic medium. I’m aware of spirits, nature, and animals communicating to me, and I have been since I was a child. As my life journey has gone on, I’ve faced many challenges in life from the universe, and my spirit was crushed repeatedly. So my ego built a tough protective wall around my spirit and around my heart that stood for years, ultimately forcing me to live by my ego through that time.

I endured repeated physical, mental, verbal, and emotional abuse, until I finally was able to learn that none of it was my fault. But my ego continued protecting me as I continued walking my journey, when another important lesson to learn was how to accept abandonment and rejection. A later lesson was to realize that there’s no such thing as perfection. My father taught me to believe that I must achieve perfection, or else. Though he died when I was 19 years old, I spent the next 20 years striving for perfection. But I finally learned that I’m spiritually excellent just as I am, and that I can be happy by keeping an open mind and an open heart as I create a reality. This was my climactic synchronistic moment. It literally defined my spiritual transformation. It was the moment that the universe had been waiting for to deliver my life purpose to me. That life purpose is to connect to the spiritual world as a psychic medium.

Once our soul’s plan is complete, the importance of our physical body decreases and our spirit restores us to our natural state of love, peace, and light. In our spirits, we are able to experience lessons of love and learning with much laughter, and our souls continue to evolve and analyze our actions, both the good ones and the bad. Karma is delivered where it’s due, and more layers of wisdom are acquired.

Throughout the rest of our lives, our souls continue planning contacts and opportunities for us to live, learn, love, and laugh. All of us are travelers on this cosmic journey. We’re like stardust dancing and swirling in the whirlpools and eddies of infinity. Though our lives are eternal, we’ve stopped for this brief moment to meet each other to love and to share. This moment is precious, a little parenthesis in a vast eternity, and it’s certainly by no mistake.

Sarah Carson

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