Reclaiming Your True Energetic Integrity

Reclaiming Your True Energetic Integrity

It’s time to break away from your unconscious patterns in life, and tap into the energy of your true awareness! People who are aware of their own energy are connected deeply to their feelings. They’re acutely aware of the vibrational energy not only in but also around themselves.

Peoples’ auras were made to merge and blend so we can experience each other socially, and awaken to our true power. When we do this, many truths are revealed to us about the places we’re unconscious as the veil drops. From this space, we can make the choice to be compassionate about how we engage with each other, and true transformation can take place.

Here are four easy exercises you can do to shift your vibrational energy to a clearer and higher level, and reclaim your energetic integrity.

  1. We can’t heal if we stay at the same consciousness level where our past struggles are rooted. Engaging in habits that bring peace to your mind are the first step in this important transformation.

The empathic nervous system is a beautifully refined system of awareness. But it may start shutting down if you’ve experienced energetic overload or repeated trauma. You can become open and aware again without shutting down this superpower. Here are some simple ways to calm your mind and move beyond your past struggles.

  • Limit your exposure to energetically toxic triggers and stress. This will help you become grounded at your new, healthier level.
  • Get back into nature. Reconnecting your body to nature will help you return to a healthier and more grounded cycle of existence.
  • Begin a negativity diet. Deliberately steer yourself away toxic relationships. Create stronger personal boundaries, which will promote healthy self-respect.
  • Be aware of your physical triggers, such as allergic or addictive responses to beverages and food.

Reclaiming Your True Energetic IntegrityEverything you see, read, and engage in affects your energy field, especially at the very beginning of your process of healing and re-grounding. All of those things are stored in your third eye, and replay in your thoughts and your dreams in the form of troubling mental images and nightmares. As a result, you may create energetic bonds that have the power to create obsessive thinking loops. All these experiences are ways you re-enact your patterns of unconscious reaction, which can have addictive qualities both physically and emotionally.

  1. Once you’ve developed a peaceful environment, you need to reset your chakra system to its native vibrational state by clearing it of psychic debris. Energy work will create balance in your energetic system. You can work with a professional energy healer, or do it yourself with one of the many chakra clearing processes available in print or online.

Resetting your chakra system will allow you to regain your balance and begin to feel internally aware of yourself. Incorporating this practice into your daily routine will allow you to feel a dramatic change in as little as a week. As your chakra system becomes more clear, you’ll once again have natural intuitive awareness.

  1. Energetic bonds are usually life-affirming and healthy. But connections to situations or people can sometimes become dysfunctional and stagnant, and will need to be cleaned. These negative connections can drain you and cause depression and unnecessary anxiety.

You can cleanse bad energy by performing a simple bond-cutting ceremony. Write out the person’s name or the situation on a piece of paper (you don’t have to go into great detail). Then burn the paper as you state verbally that for the highest good, you release the person or the situation to the Light. For bonds that are more intense or overwhelming, it may help you to seek an energy healer to help you push away the bad energy. Take note that if you’re still learning lessons from the situation, the bond may release on its own once you learn and integrate the lesson.

  1. Maintaining the highest possible energy vibration both in and around you will create a natural energy shield. It will repel lower forms of thought and prevent you from over-processing energy and emotions that aren’t your own. A high vibration creates a calming, peaceful, heart-centered space. You might still be aware to feel what is around you, but in this state, you’ll shift from being reactive to being proactive.

To do this, call Divine light down to surround you. Start from the top of your head and work down towards the bottoms of your feet, then go back up to your head. Do this slowly, and breathe consciously. This will seal your aura, so you may notice a shift in your mood as you uplift your energy.

These four practices will awaken and healthily balance your aura. When you integrate the practices into your daily ritual of self-care, you’ll easily connect to your own internal integrity. As time goes on, you’ll feel increasing intuitive senses of freedom and clarity. You’ll have certainty about your energy both inside and outside of yourself.

Sarah Carson

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