What Is a Spirit to Spirit Psychic Reading?

I wrote today’s post to discuss Spirit to Spirit readings. You may be asking, “What are those, Marceline?” Well, they’re so much more than regular mediumship or psychic reading. They can be very helpful when clients are struggling in their lives.

Spirit Psychic ReadingI view Spirit to Spirit readings as a way for me to connect with my client’s spirit, and to glean answers through the merging of energies. That may sound strange, but stick with me. Once I’ve made that connection, I’m able to feel and see what the client’s soul needs. It may be about what the client should be doing right now, what his or her purpose is during this lifetime on earth, or a wide variety of many other things.

This style of reading may be new to you. It’s entirely possible that you haven’t ever heard of it before. But please trust me when I say that this type of reading is sometimes just what you need if you are feeling stuck, or just plain lost. Spirit to Spirit readings can be very beneficial in many situations. I recommend you seek a Spirit to Spirit reading if:

  • You are wondering what you should be doing in your life.
  • You feel like there’s something you should be doing, but you don’t quite know what that something is.
  • You ever feel that itch in your spirit, like you’re wheels are spinning but you’re just not going anywhere.
  • You need specific advice regarding a situation that continues occurring over and over again, or that is of a spiritual nature.

Spirit Psychic ReadingSometimes past lives make appearances during Spirit to Spirit readings. When a medium does this type of reading, it’s all about connecting energies. As we already know, all our energy and all our past and present lives are woven together. So if a past life comes up while your medium is conducting a Spirit to Spirit reading with you, it’s because something that happened or was left unfinished in that past life is directly impacting your current life. This usually means that there’s something that needs to be corrected or worked on during this current lifetime. I know this sounds overwhelming, but remember that you just need to take a single step forward at a time. That’s all that anybody can do.

We all are energy, which is constantly changing. There’s always something to work on or something to change so we can evolve and move on to a higher level of spiritual consciousness. This may sound intimidating, but as long as you continue moving forward, then I feel like you’re doing what you need to do. All you, or anybody, can expect to do is to continue making progress from whatever point you’re at. Some days it may feel like you aren’t making progress at all. The next day, you might feel like you’ve only moved ahead by a foot, but you were expecting to move a mile. The bottom line is that this type of reading can give you valuable insights and a closer connection to your spirit. These both serve to help you move forward.

Another benefit of a Spirit to Spirit reading is that a special type of healing occurs when the energy of a medium connects to a client. It’s almost as if connecting to the spirit of another for a reading intensifies the depth of that connection and allows a spiritual catharsis. This may be difficult to understand if you haven’t experienced it yourself. But I can tell you that giving these readings changes both the client and me. Connecting to the energy of the divine makes it nearly impossible to not feel a spiritual transformation.

Famous psychic medium, author, and teacher Tony Stockwell has explained that mediums are like spirit therapists. That’s quite a beautiful description. With all the restoration that Lightworkers attempt to achieve, I know we are barely skimming the surface of the spirit, and there’s much more to be learned.

I want to encourage you: If you’re feeling stuck in your life, or you need answers to deep and more profound questions, seek out a medium for your own Spirit to Spirit reading. I think you’ll be pleased, and you may even be quite surprised at what you discover!

Sarah Carson

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