Tarot Cards to Use for Abusive Relationships

When people talk about abuse in relationships, it can be a very sensitive topic, but one that needs to be dealt with professionally.  Tarot cards can represent relationships that are abusive and can help you to figure out which issues you have and how you can get support.  It is important to recognize when you do not have the expertise for this and ask a professional to help you such as a psychologist or a shelter home.

Here are 10 Tarot cards for people in abusive relationships.

The look of the cards do not look like abuse.  If you look at other cards it is important that you are sensitive to abuse being a potential issue.

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Eight of Swords

In this card, the woman is blindfolded and tied up.  She is trapped between some swords, there are eight of them.  She cannot see how she can get out of this.  This card comes up when there is abuse such as mental or physical but it can also come up if you are feeling trapped in a relationship.  If the woman took off her blindfold and her ties, she would see that there is an easy way out and even though the path is hard, it can release her form her tormentor.


There is a naked man and woman that is chained together by their neck.  It would look like the devil is holding these two people so they can’t move but that isn’t true because the chains are loose around their necks.  This card can point to abusive relationships that come form power and control but the victim can escape if they can see it for what it is.

King of Swords Reversed

The king of swords has a lot of power.  He is authoritative and he uses his brain and his status to give the best outcome.  When it is reversed, this is not a nice person, he becomes a person of abuse and power.  He threatens people and can be a partner, father or boss and he wants to make your life hard.

Ten of Swords

The Ten of Swords shows abuse from another angle.  This is a man laying down that has ten swords stabbed in his back.  He is deceived and betrayed by people he thinks he can believe in and it causes him to suffer.  This is abuse that is deception and betrayal and causes emotional pain for the victim.

Chariot Reversed

The reversed chariot represents the person that is abusing someone.  This card shows someone that has anger issues and wants to be in control but this gets the better of them.  This is sometimes a bully and they do things to get their own way.  This has to be read with other cards if you want to see the issue of anger and the idea that physical violence can come.

Emperor Reversed

This card is a high authority and dominating emperor.  He has his power by taking away the power of others and he is an abuser.  He is someone that uses his power to abuse people and he might seem insecure by throwing his power around to be in control.

Nine of Wands

The Nine of Wands is a man that is bruised and banged up but he still is standing strong.  This shows physical or mental abuse but shows the victim not giving in to the abuser.

Moon Reversed

The moon represents psychology of the mind and shows the fears that hurt us.  If reversed, the card can be abuse that the victim isn’t really fully aware of.  This can be psychological abuse that has happened for a long time, or childhood abuse that happened years ago.  If the victim doesn’t remember things, hire a professional to uncover things pushed back.

Nine of Swords

The Nine of Swords is a woman that is sitting up and seems to be tormented in her mind.  This can represent bullying or psychological abuse.  This might be someone that has been threatened over and over again and is afraid for themselves.

Five of Swords

The Five of Swords is a card that shows arguments.  This is where both people fight all the time and try to hurt each other with angry words.  This is not a victim and abuser and both people can be both the victim and the abused.

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