A quick and easy procedure for beginners on how to see auras

What are auras and chakras? For us to give you the right answer, we’re going to let you know the difference between auras and chakras.

Are Auras the same as Chakras?

No, they are not the same thing. Chakras are pathways that enable energy to be absorbed while Auras are energy fields that surround the body like a subtle cloud.

Reasons why individuals have auras around them

The aura reflects our time moment to moment. we cannot hide it and its always on a continuous display.  Aura has several subtle layers. This makes it easily visible especially to the layers near the body. A person may have difficulties seeing the aura because of its subtle nature.

Do plants and animals have auras?

Of course, they both do. Plants auras are well suited for practicing ‘aura viewing’ because they are less complex than human auras.

How big are auras?

Most human auras may be as long as 30cm to 1.5cm around the physical body. At times people ask what it means to have an aura. That fact remains, everyone possesses an aura regardless of their health condition. It might lack brightness, but it still exists.

Why some individuals see auras

At times individuals with clairvoyant abilities can see auras. That’s not an indication that the rest of us can’t. we just have to develop that ability we have never used. I know many of us have seen an aura but maybe have ignored it saying it’s an optical effect.

How you can train yourself to see auras

Practice. The inner aura is not hard to see. Once you have seen it, move in and focus on the other parts especially the subtle ones. The visual perception will grow wider if you keep practicing and it will become quicker for you to tune in into seeing the auras.

Mirror exercise. Since you can now see the aura of a plant, you should now apply a technique that will help you see your aura. You will need a mirror, that one that shows your upper body. Put a light source on any side of the mirror, just make sure it doesn’t create a direct reflection. Sit down on a chair facing the mirror. Just like the exercise with a plant, you will need to adjust your vision to let your eyes go out of focus by looking above your shoulders. After a while, you should be able to see a glow around your head.

Begin small. Since human auras are more complex, its recommended to begin with something easy. If anyone wants to improve their auras, then plants are excellent, to begin with. The leaves you have picked shouldn’t be moved by the wind. Therefore, to have an excellent training object, a house plant can be used.

Perceive. Expand your vision so that you can see the complete aura of the plant. Do not forget that unlike humans, the plants don’t have the colorful aura, therefore, you shouldn’t be frustrated if you cannot see what doesn’t exist.

Adjust your vision. Sit comfortably and pay attention to a spot at the top of the plant. If this is not easy, try imagining that you are paying attention to an invisible leaf just a few centimeters above the plant.

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