Are you a Pleiadian lightworker?

Are you a Pleiadian lightworker or would you like to know more about them?

Their work here on earth is to help us shape humanity’s future by expanding our collective consciousness.

Lightworkers help awakens others to their true nature by using their powers of intuition.

They preach unity and oneness everywhere they go, using their ability to connect to help heal humanity.

They elevate their local communities, families and social circles on an individual level.

They keep up with the spirit of humanity through their charitable work and sense of purpose. Several lightworkers originate outside the solar system and our mother earth.

Therefore, who are these Pleiadians? They originated from the Pleiades.

They are well-known for their respect for balance and their persistent when it comes to achieving their goals. Although they might look similar, they have their differences.  Some of their differences are irrelevant on earth as there is a chance of a Pleiadian worker inhabiting the human body for their purpose.

Many of them have also been here for some time so there is a rift between them and their home planets.

The mission of a Pleiadian worker

Their main objective is to help bring humanity into 5D consciousness. This after going through this process themselves, they seek to guide humanity through the same journey. To some, this might look strange, why? Because it looks like there’s nothing in for them. The main objective of Pleiadians is to ensure there’s a balance in humanity. They value this more than anything else.

Imbalance causes negative energy. Imbalance in your chakras causes your aura to be muddy.

Signs you are a Pleiadian lightworker

  • You powerfully resonate with the heart chakra
  • Your thoughts and emotions are now part of you and since you are knowledgeable about this you find it easy to manifest your future.
  • You comprehend well your powers of manifestation.
  • You struggle for balance.
  • You connect well with the number seven
  • You always feel like you need to improve on certain things in life.
  • You feel the urge to heal people every time
  • You work with your instincts and they serve you well

Sarah Carson

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