What to Do Before Visiting a Medium

Seeing a psychic medium can be something that is interesting to many.  Some people only look at mediums for a way to stop being desperate or confused.

When my friend was dying when I was in my 20’s, I booked an appointment with a medium and I learned that there can be a good session with your medium to help you to overcome grief.

Here are some tips to consider before seeking a medium:

What is Your Grief?

If you are still deep in grief, sad, angry or depressed, you need to be honest with yourself.  You need to find someone to counsel you before going to a medium.

Mediums found that time isn’t a factor to decide if the deceased will come through during a session but if you have a lot of expectation and they don’t, it can be hard and sadder for you.

Pick the Right Medium

Make sure that you find a medium that is recommended.  Read their websites and ask around.  If you can’t get a session, they can give you other options.

Some mediums host spirit circles which has a large area where a lot of participants are. They won’t guarantee that you will get a reading but the way the thing works it might help you to not be as expecting or worried.

If you have a private session, make sure you know your privacy and they tell it to you. Make sure you feel right about your session and that you are comfortable.

Telephone readings can be legit, and it doesn’t affect the medium process.  Someone can help you to feel better especially if you see that they aren’t reading your emotional cues.

Spend Time Thinking About Your Loved One

Before you go to a session, talk to your loved one in your mind.  Tell them you are going to see a medium and ask them to come and see you.  Have the medium describe the process before you go.  During the reading, be open minded and relaxed.   Remember that mediums need some communication in order to help them help you.  Don’t worry about answering questions.  This is okay.

Have an Open Mind

Some people come in with too many expectations and a closed mind.  Try to see another medium if the first one isn’t fulfilling.

Ask if you can record your session and take notes.  Go back and look at it and read it again later after you have had time to think about it.

Not all mediums are great, and this doesn’t mean that the reading won’t work.  Voice your misgivings during a session if something doesn’t sound right.   If you get a bad reading, don’t be discouraged, find someone else and try again.

Write Out Your Thoughts

A reading can be emotional, and it is better if you can write out what you are thinking before you go. If the medium brings up something that is uncomfortable or goes against your belief, then you might feel that they are being critical.

After the session, figure out how you can stay connected to your loved one.  You might feel more comfortable and open and be able to communicate with them on your own.  Write them letters and talk to them out loud.  Hang up pictures of them and try to experience them around you.

Have fun finding new ways to talk to your deceased loved ones.


Sarah Carson

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