The distinction between a psychic and a medium

Does the difference between a psychic and a medium matter? Of course, it does. You should understand it more than anything else. Both readings are two different things.

Every medium is a psychic and a psychic is not a medium.

We have this in common

We blend and connect with the soul of a person when working and become one. In this context, blending means connecting to the energy field of an individual. There is communication taking place heart to heart and soul to soul. We eventually know the information after the connection has been made.

The distinction between psychic and medium

A psychic connects with your vitality field and speaks about your life and abilities. A living person’s energy is heavy, however, not in a bad manner. Others don’t use any tool, some use tarot cards, crystal balls, and other gadgets. It is their intuition that gives them the answers and not the tool.

A medium connects to the energy of a dead person. The energy is not heavy, therefore, the medium has to increase its vitality for it to be able to communicate with the soul in the spirit world.

All of us possess psychic abilities. Like there’s a time your phone rang and you knew who was on the line before picking it. You can hear, feel and sense things. This is known as intuition. Everything becomes clear when you fine-tune your intuition. A psychic can easily blend with the soul of an individual since they’ve mastered their intuition.

The medium takes another step with this ability and connects with the spirit world. A good medium puts God at the center during every contact. This means we can’t control the information we get, we just let it flow.

This the most important difference between psychic and medium.

Several individuals say you are born to be a medium and not everybody can be a medium. That’s likely to be true. However, I believe if we would all live to our true abilities, we will be able to do a lot not just talking to dead people.

It’s the kind of work that a psychic and a medium do that differentiate them, but none is better than the other. Both are precious as long as they undertake their responsibilities well.


Sarah Carson

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